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Gala Trade GmbH
1220 Wien,

Object of the company:Großhandel von Elektrogeräten
GISA: 30806214
Corporateregister number: FN493845v
Corporate registercourt: Handelsgericht Wien

Phone: +43 664 20411 99
Email: info@galatrade.at

Member of: WKO
Lawsre. professions: Gewerbeordnung: www.ris.bka.gv.at

Supervisory/Trade authority:Behörde gem. ECG: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XXII. Bezirkes
Jobtitle: Großhandel
Awarding country:Österreich

Chief executive
Galyna Zhmutska-Miletic

Contact details of the dataprotection controller If you have any question about dataprotection, please find the contact details of the body or personresponsible for data protection below:info@galatrade.at +43 664 20411 99

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